Monday, 6 December 2010

Kairos Advent Devotional 2010 7th Dec

7 December 2010
Amos 5:18-24

Has Amos been in the sun too long – out tending his sheep he has heard from God and the judgement he hears of is rolling off his tongue like molten lava down a mountain.  Read the passage again and see – from verse 18-23 judgement is being declared and it seems that nothing can stop it. 

We then come to verse 24:

                “But let justice roll on like a river,
                Righteousness like a never-failing stream!”

Hundreds of years later a ragamuffin bunch of Sheep herders are drinking and laughing round a warm fire.  All of a sudden the sky is ablaze and heaven’s song fills the air with a message of hope,

                “today...a Saviour has been born...peace to men” (Luke 2:8-14)

And so begins “the day of the Lord” – With the declaration of the Saviour born of peace and hope for all peoples everywhere and for all of time.  God’s kingdom is ushered in and Amos’s prophesy of a coming justice and righteousness begins to be acted out in our world.  Justice brings peace to people.  As his people this continues through us.  We are bearers of Christ’s justice, righteousness and peace!

As we think about being participants in God’s kingdom will we consider giving to just causes – charities and organisations that help the oppressed, the hungry and the homeless – perhaps as we think about Jesus’ message of justice and peace we will be touched to direct some of our giving to those who need a merry Christmas most.  In this small way perhaps God’s Kingdom rule of Justice comes to people who need peace and hope.

Lord, in Jesus we see the fulfilment of prophesies of justice.  May this be extended through us, your Church, as you fill us with a desire to see justice, righteousness and peace extended to those in the margins.  Amen.

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