Sunday, 5 December 2010

Kairos Advent Devotional 2010 6th Dec

6 December 2010
Joel 2:28-32

                “I will pour out my Spirit on all people...everyone who calls on the Lord will be saved”

Joy to the world!!!  As we go through the next few days of readings you might be surprised to see passages that reflect “fear and trembling” as well as “joy to the world”.  Look at verses 30-31 in today’s reading – sound full of joy? (I think not!).  So what is this “Day of the Lord” we are reading about? 

The day of the Lord refers to the complete coming reign of the Christ – his reign will be one where judgement falls on the unrighteous, as well as His Spirit being poured out upon God’s people.

Within these two opposites we see in verse 32 that God is fair – everyone who calls on the name of God will be saved.  Which name?  The name of Jesus!  Every person is invited into God’s outpoured blessings. 

Reflection to Response:
  • When reading these verses do you find yourself struck with fear of God’s outpoured wrath, or more with joy at the outpouring of the Holy Spirit?
  • Read the passage again slowly.  Ask God to highlight something from it today.  Wait on him.  As him to give you more of his spirit right now, and wait expectantly until he speaks?
  • Pray for your family and community to call on God’s name today.

Father God…As we remember that Jesus was sent to proclaim your Kingdom in the power and leading of the Holy Spirit we ask that you would also send us out with confidence in your Word (Jesus) and in the power of your Holy Spirit.  In Jesus’ name

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