Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kairos Advent Devotional 2010 16th Dec

16 December 2010
Philippians 2.5-11;

It would have been so easy for Jesus to walk around on earth in an arrogant pompous manner, knowing who he was, and ensuring that all who he came across submitted to him, his position, and who he was.

The reality though is something very different.  Jesus took the existence of a human, and lived his life out in such a manner.  Even to the point of crucifixion, Jesus, as the son of God, could have escaped from that circumstance, as he was aware of what was going to happen, but chose to follow the root that God had laid out for him. 

The challenge therefore for us, as Gods people, is to live our lives in a non-arrogant way, submitting ourselves to the life that God has laid out for us.  To put aside all personal or selfish thought or ambition, but to live according to the values of God, and out of a close relationship with him.

Dear Lord, Please help me to live the life you want for me, not the life that I would want for myself.

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