Saturday, 4 December 2010

Kairos Advent Devotional 2010 4th Dec

4 December 2010
Isaiah 40: 1-11

Here we have the theme that God will restore the exiles to their own land. This passage is absolutely full of deep spiritual understanding. These are indeed wonderful tidings and are absolutely relevant to us today.

Firstly is the message of comfort breaking through the time of doubt and trial. The time of divine punishment is near to an end and the prophets are urged to speak to the people but soon all Israel is summoned to proclaim the glad tidings. The New Testament is our authority for applying the words of this prophecy to the coming of the Redeemer (Matthew 3; 1-3). The message of divine comfort to disturbed hearts is one of the greatest elements of the gospel.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord (v3). This is taken from the Eastern custom of sending men to prepare the way before a monarch’s visit. John the Baptist fulfilled this mission.

The word of comfort is not dependent on man’s endeavours but it is entirely dependent upon God’s sovereignty and mercy. Vain is the hope of man who relies on himself but in the Lord Almighty there is redemption and in the midst of all changing things God’s word stands for ever (v8).

In verse 10 God is revealed as infinitely strong – He will come with might and his arm will rule for Him.

V11: God is revealed as infinitely tender
1. He will lead His flock like a shepherd
2. He will gather the lambs in His arms
3. He will carry them
4. He will gently lead those that have their young

It is this might fact that calls Zion to rejoice greatly. Behold your God. These are indeed glad tidings of great joy to all the people. This is our God.

Thank you Father that you are the God of all comfort and that You are my good shepherd.

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