Monday, 20 December 2010

Kairos Advent Devotional 2010 20th Dec

20 December 2010
Matthew 2.13-18;

Sometimes it is right and proper for us not to be around certain people, depending on what they may have planned for us.  In this passage, Joseph is told to go to Egypt, and quick, because Herod felt threatened, and maybe even devalued, and wanted to kill Jesus, and maybe even his parents.

Herod shows a completely different characteristic to all others we have looked at this week.  The basis for this week seems to be around the issue of trust, but Herod doesn’t demonstrate any of that trust in God, he demonstrates trust in his own reaction.

The challenge for us as gods people, is to trust him, not to react as Herod did, in his own humanness, in his own threatened nature, but in relationship and trust in the living god.  We need to do what Herod didn’t, put ourselves to one side, as Jesus did when he went to the cross, and rather than reacting, or trying to contrive circumstances in our own strength, we need to trust, follow and be obedient to Gods direction in our lives.

Lord, help me to trust you, totally and absolutely. And Lord, help me not to try and fix things in my strength, but to trust in your guidance.  Lord, help me finally to find worth and value in you and who you have called me to be.

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