Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I am no longer going to be using this particular blog - please go to http://www.luke1910.wordpress.com/ for the new blog we are developing.

Things continue to change - as of the 1st May we officially became a Bishop's Mission Order (BMO) - with this change comes charity status & becoming a limited company so that we can manage our affairs with appropriate accountability.

Our Parish status will cease once the scheme for reorganisation has advanced through all the necessary consultations & legal processes.

We are currently looking at how we train, equip, release & support disciples in mission & especially ongoing development of MSCs. A new pattern of training & equipping is likely to be in place from September 2011.

We are becoming part of the Missional Communities Network UK - part of a movement of mission.

Lots happening.

As I said at my licensing service in October 2008 "change is here to stay". What an adventure!

Mark Carey