Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Rubik's Cube

One of my favourite albums is Black Swan by Athlete. There's a song on it called Rubik's Cube that I was listening to in the car today. I was on my way back from spending time with some retired clergy who all still serve in CofE churches around the Deanery of Harrogate. They had wanted to know more about what we are doing as a church - seeking understanding and comprehension. Last night I had done a similar thing - a short presentation on Kairos BMO at an evening hosted by St Peter's Harrogate with Dr John Sentamu the Archbishop of York.The Archbishop at the end shared a couple of thoughts. He emphasised the importance of waiting and listening - this is what the Apostles were supposed to be doing between the Ascension and Pentecost but of course what they did was lose patience and got on with appointing someone to replace Judas.... probably a place that should actually have been saved for Paul - who became the 13th Disciple/Apostle and faced all sorts of problems in regard to his authority because impatience had reigned. Sentamu also emphasised the need and challenge to be Spirit led - waiting for the movement of the Spirit, only doing what you see the Father doing. Anyway.... back to the song here are some lyrics that I found quite challenging as I reflected on how tiring I had found sharing our vision and what is developing in and through Kairos.......

The world is too heavy,
too big for my shoulders,
come take the weight off me, now.

Thousands of answers,
for one simple question,
come take the weight off me, now.

I'm like a kid who just won't let it go,
Twisting and turning the colours in rows,
I'm so intensified that's what it is.
This is my Rubik's Cube
And all i can't figure it out.

I realise that these words speak to my situation. For months now I have been getting a sense of the encouragement to rest in God, that fruitfulness comes from resting, abiding in him and I keep treating the church I lead like a Rubik's Cube - a puzzle that I have to solve. There are times I am 'intensified' and I need to stop 'twisting and turning'. How often we do this! What is your Rubik's Cube? What are you too 'intensified' about? What are you twisting and turning that you can't figure out? Is it time to move into 'waiting-mode' - time to rest in him?

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