Saturday, 30 January 2010

You will have noticed our new church name - do have a look at our website
We are in the midst of a consultation and planning for hopefully becoming a Bishop's Mission Order (BMO) rather than a Parish Church. Some limited information and a link is available on our website. I am very aware in this process that we have a tendency in the CofE to try to pin things down to early. The genius of the Bishop's Mission Order is that you can allow things to be a 'work in progress' and the advantage of allowing for review is that we can set a course and then make course changes as we go along. As we progress through consultation we need to be really clear on the objectives of becoming a Bishop's Mission Order;

              To enable Kairos to function in non-geographical missional network across parish boundaries developing and planting Mission Shaped Communities (MSCs).
2.      To define the place that Kairos occupies in relation to inherited and other expressions in the Harrogate Deanery as one of mission partnership.
3.      To focus Kairos fully on its distinctive vision and calling.
4.      To ensure that the pastoral care/occasional offices that will be required in the Cold Bath Road/Harlow Hill area of Harrogate are taken care of through pastoral reorganisation.

Keeping things simple, seeking lightweight, low maintenance ways of governing and leading the church and giving continued priority to our vision is vital. All these kinds of things though are of no use without keeping our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus.

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