Thursday, 26 March 2009

Messy Church

This Saturday one of our MSC's begins Messy Church - if you want to know more have a look at our website The idea is that we have a chance to gather a whole load of families together for Glue, Glitter and God once a month as well as gathering around food in someones house and a small group at other times. This MSC is known as Outnumbered - the name taken from the BBC sitcom of family life - "Outnumbered follows the daily chaos of family life and two parents and three young children locked in an unequal contest." So much of family life is chaotic and challenging - Outnumbered MSC reckons that it is a good idea to include God in it!
Things often feel chaotic, or at the very least messy, in our lives. Somebody recently wrote about change, commenting that we are okay with continous change, the kind of change that develops out of what has gone before and can be anticipated and managed, .... but it is discontinuous change that is our main challenge a kind of change that is disruptive and unanticipated, that we feel ill equipped to deal with. This kind of change seems to be what we are so often dealing with in our present circumstances but we believe that God brings order out of chaos, that he redeems and turns things around. We are a people of hope even in the face of change and uncertainty and we see this being worked out in our lives as we remain faithful to him and his promises.


Clare MacLaren said...

Hey Mark -
Looking for your email for another reason - but really interested in what you're doing at St Mary's! Would love to do something similar here in Seacroft.

The "Messy Church" training day in Leeds on Saturday has had to be cancelled - but will be praying that your launch goes well. Outnumbered - great link!! I love it! Will you tell me how it went so I can share your good news with others?

Blessings, Clare Maclaren
(Leeds Archdeaconry Children's Work Advisor)

Clare MacLaren said...

p.s. what are you doing blogging at 2am??? Clare