Thursday, 6 November 2008

Breakout - Revealing mysteries

A few of us went down to St Andrew's Chorleywood for a day conference called 'Breakout.'

We heard from them about how they have seen MSC's enabling them to breakout from the confines of a church building and consumerist attitude. They have seen many more people becoming Christians and many more Christians becoming disciples. I say that deliberately as it seems that most church growth produces Christians but being Christian isn't just about believing in Father, Son and Holy Spirit it is about following the Lord and having this Lord in our lives means our lives are to revolve around him not vice versa.

I want to the Chorleywood day knowing that to seek to release groups/communities of people in mission is the right direction to go in but reflecting on an ongoing struggle with the 'how to'. What is the process that releases people as the missionaries they truly are? I came back sure about the direction, helped and encouraged yet still challenged by the mysteries of it all.

I was reading the book of Daniel this morning and came to the part where Daniel has prayed and heard from the Lord what Nebuchadnezzer has dreamed and what his dream means. He is able to save the lives of many because he is able to here and receive from God. He stands in front of the most powerful king of those times and is able to say
"but there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries."
I believe that we will see people's lives saved as we learn to trust in the God who reveals mysteries and I believe that the Lord is confirming that he will reveal the mystery of this current time.

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