Saturday, 16 February 2008

What about the Gatekeepers?

Jackie asked about the gatekeepers... I reckon that every community has gatekeepers or watchmen - if we are to build community, take a lead in communities we will find it really difficult without the openness of these people. Often they may be opinion formers, people whose judgement is trusted by others. Sometimes they may be people who have occupied a position of power in a group enough to mean that they have the key to that group and if they don't turn the key then no one will. Sometimes a leader has to seek the removal of a watch-person who is too controlling or choose another bunch of sheep to lead!

Leadership certainly is messier than 5 points in John 10!

Further thoughts: It seems to me that every flock has a sheep pen, a pasture to go to, a shepherd to lead it and gatekeepers who watch over it.

It is interesting that Jesus goes on to say that he is the gate for the sheep - maybe that's what we need to watch out for - watchmen/gatekeepers who have a humility about them so much so that they know that it is Jesus himself who is the gate - that it isn't about them but rather Jesus because "whoever enters through me will be saved".

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